A few months ago as a result of increasing worry about the state of the Earth and the damage caused by human impact and extraction, I sent out a letter via email to see if anyone would be interested in the setting up of a project based on zen and permaculture, to be tentatively named Wildseed Zen. I felt the need to encourage any positive and life affirming actions that would make the world safer and bring about healing and repair.

The Wildseed Zen project will gradually evolve and these pages will be a place where I post my thoughts about it and blogs that may be relevant to the projects development as well as anything I find to post about Zen, Permaculture, re-wilding and being in nature and its therapeutic value – we are all nature.

At the moment I am in the process of looking for board members and in raising funds to start the project. As I currently view it, it will be both a charitable trust and social enterprise with a solid and supportive grounding in Zen.

Key areas which I would like to see Wildseed Zen develop are in providing training and  a space to practice Zen and permaculture, providing healing support and development opportunities for people who have or have had difficulties in learning through formal education. Wildseed Zen will provide residential places for both practitioners and potential practitioners of Zen and those for whom the environment will nurture,healing growth and development.

It is hoped that we will be able to purchase land and woodland and then move on ta a permaculture based design of how best to establish and build this project.

Please do not be daunted by the scale of this project and if you can offer support, help, finance, or contribute thoughts and ideas please contact us by responding to the blog or email – wildseedzen@gmail.com

with bows

Wildseed Zen